Meco Rocket Simulator

“To be a spacefaring civilization, we need people that can make and fix rocket engines on every colony. We’re gonna need a lot them.”

Meco Rocket Simulator introduces rocket engine concepts in a fun way to inspire budding rocket engineers to support our multi-planetary future.

Meco Rocket Simulator

Interactive Learning

Mix and match rocket engine parts and tweak their parameters and observe the results in real-time.

Try out different turbopump configurations and engine cycles. Tweak ignition, throttling and shutdown sequences.

Be Part of History

Play campaigns with missions based on real-life events to understand and overcome the challenges they faced.

Coming Soon on Steam

With 120 million players on Steam and support for Windows, Mac or Linux, rocket science is more accessible than ever.

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The physics-based engine that powers Meco Rocket Simulator.

Build First-Approximation models of Rocket Engines that can be enhanced with emprical data. The equations and models used by LorenSim are based on:

  • Peer-reviewed science and engineering
  • Published emprical data from well-cited Journals
  • The idea that all models are wrong, some are useful and most can be improved with data.


The Future Is Bright

Stay tuned for even more ground-breaking products to democratize access to space.

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